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Top Five Tips for Getting Kids Interested in Fitness

In recent years, the state of our kid’s health has become a topic of conversation on a national level. Childhood obesity statistics have climbed to an alarming level ever since the year 2000. Many parents know that keeping your kid active is important for their physical health, but getting your kids motivated about exercise can be quite the challenge. Here are some tips to getting your kids interested in fitness.

Lead The Way – It will be very difficult to convince your children to be more active if you are not active yourself. You don’t have to be a gym junkie in order to inspire your kids to exercise, but you should have some sort of regular exercise regime of your own. Just make sure it is something you enjoy. When they see you doing it on a daily basis and having fun, they’ll want to do it, too.

Provide Variety – Anyone who exercises the same way day after day eventually burns out. Change up your physical activities with your children to keep them interested and involved. Dancing, swimming, biking and outdoor sports like Frisbee or volleyball are great alternatives to regular exercise.

Make It A Social Event – Few people want to work out on their own. When you choose fitness activities for your kids that are group events, they’ll be much more motivated to take part. Team sports such as soccer, baseball, or basketball provide them with a regular group of friends to play with. Even joining groups such as the Cup Scouts or Girl Scouts will give your children lots of outdoor group activities to keep them active. The key to keeping kids involved in fitness activities in the social interaction.

Get The Right Clothing – Kids can be very fashion conscious, just like adults. Allow them to enjoy the clothes they wear for exercise. Get them outfits they enjoy wearing for exercise time. You can even emblazon custom sports artwork on your children’s workout clothes.

Keep Active All Year Long – It’s easy to get your kids outside and active in the summertime, but in the colder months, we all tend to stay inside. Find fitness clubs in your area that offer indoor swimming or indoor sports, such as basketball, volleyball, martial arts, or dance classes.

Besides the obvious benefit of fighting childhood obesity, keeping kids physically active also helps their mental well-being. Children who are involved in physical sports or regular exercise have been proven to be happier than inactive children. Exercise can even improve mental focus, self-esteem, good posture, and regular sleeping habits.

By following the tips above, you’ll be helping to turn your kids into happy, healthy and well-adjusted young adults.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Make it Easier to Exercise?

Obviously, one of the best ways to get healthier is to give up smoking cigarettes. However, giving up smoking hasn’t proven to be the easiest thing in the world to do. Now that E-cigs have come onto the market, many smokers are investigating the possibility that they could be better for your health.

Although electronic cigarettes do remove a lot of the tar and other harmful chemicals of regular cigarettes, they still fill your lungs with smoke and flood your body with huge amounts of nicotine. So are they really more healthy then regular cigarettes? Will they make it easier for you to exercise?

According to reputable health sites like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic, there is no conclusion evidence yet that using E-cigs provide any significant health benefit. The FDA has yet to make an official statement on the health effects of e-cigarettes. All we really have to go on at this early stage are a handful of small, independent studies on the effects of switching to E-cigs.

In early 2014, one noted independent researcher, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, reviewed a study of 1,000 smokers who switched to the electronic version. The results were:

  • over 70% reported an improvement in lung capacity
  • about 73% had an improved ability to exercise
  • 66% reported strenuous tasks were easier to perform
  • almost 64% said their smoker's cough had improved

Although issues such as addiction, second-hand smoke, the effects of nicotine, and the possibility of cancer will always be associated with smoking, the improved lung capacity reported from these early may make it easier for smokers to exercise more regularly.

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